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The collection totals well over 100 cars with more than half on display at any one time. It is a living, working display of vehicles each with their own special story, from appearing in a TV programme to being the last off the production line. Gathered to keep them from being lost forever, displaying the cars together in this way highlights the enormity of such a rare insight into New Zealand motoring.

These are real cars. Every one of them is original and every one of them, with minimal work, would happily motor from Bluff to Cape Reinga and at the national speed limit. All of them, or the makes they represent, have formed part of the New Zealand way of life at some point during their lifecycle and all were originally available on the New Zealand market.

Omaka Classic Cars allows us to enjoy that special period in motoring history where space, grace, chrome bumpers, large grilles and individual design were allowed to run wild. The collection covers the period between the pioneering vintage car era and the cars of today, when motoring was individual - challenging the limits of both the design and the technology.

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